do not interact

  • basic dni critera (rascists, homophobes, transphobes, etc)
  • proshippers
  • anyone under 14 yo
  • anti kin
  • anti neopronouns/xenogenders
  • antimaskers LOL
  • anyone who makes fun of arson bunny hat kids
  • very big dsmp antis (if you harass/make fun of fans)
  • very big viantastic antis (if you harass/make fun of fans)
  • anyone who obsessively hates huntlow (toh ship)
  • if you are any of my ex friends, or if you're stalking me. srsly leave me alone
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    before you interact

  • i used to be a dsmp fan, and theres still lil refrences to it in my kinlist and pronouns page! im neutral on it now though, and i dont mind dsmp antis as long as ur not an asshole
  • i am a fan of problematic media sometimes (usually due to hyperfixations) but im always critical of my intrests!
  • im an adult, so if ur uncomfy interacting with adults dont interact with me!
  • im pretty friendly, so if ur someone with the same intrests as me, send me an ask on my tumblr @illudens! id love 2 have more friendz :)
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