welcome to my site!

HI!! im illudens, and welcome to my (pretty scarce) site!! below is a blurb about me, but if you wanna know more, go here!
im jax or tommy, either name works! i use he/it/xe/pog pronouns, and im currently 20 years old. im some form of transmasc (boyflux & fixigender), and i also use other pronouns and names, which you can find here! i have adhd and anxiety, as well as undiagnosed autism. i post a lot about my hyperfixations and spins, and the things i like most right now are tbotv and animal crossing, but it changes frequently!

i am currently listening to...

CUT - panchiko

they forged this heart for you to fall apart

have i been cut again?

just to dust, sweet descent my friend


what does ur name mean?

Omphalotus illudens, commonly known as the eastern jack-o'lantern mushroom, is a large, orange mushroom that is often found in clumps on decaying stumps, buried roots, or at the base of hardwood trees in eastern North America. Its gills often exhibit a weak green bioluminescence when fresh.